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Yoga Wandsworth

Hatha Yoga Classes in Battersea and Wandsworth with Feeling Yogaful

Come and try yoga in Wandsworth and Battersea with Feeling Yogaful.  We run hatha yoga classes on Battersea Rise and one-to-one yoga sessions at the Yogaful Studio in Wandsworth.  Our aim is for you to feel great when you leave one of our classes.  Or, as we like to put it, Feeling Yogaful!  To achieve that we offer great teaching and small class sizes at really nice, well-equipped studios in easy to reach locations.

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Yoga & meditation in Putney 

Tuesday mornings 9:15 – 10:30 am


Pilates Classes with Hannah Brown

We’ve teamed up with Hannah to offer five pilates classes each week that complement our established hatha yoga classes.

Our Yoga Classes

Hatha Yoga Classes in Battersea

Our hatha yoga classes in Battersea are on Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings. Currently we have a Beginners’ Class, a Beginner-Plus & Intermediate (level 1 & 2) Class and an intermediate (level 2) Class. Our maximum class size is 12.

We’re based in the Top Floor Studio at Fresh Ground on Battersea Rise. The studio is fully equipped and light and airy. We’re easy to reach, just minutes from Clapham Junction Rail Station and numerous bus stops.

Yoga classes are taught by Claire Plastow. Claire holds a 500-hour teaching yoga diploma and has practised yoga for 18 years.



One-To-One and Small Group Yoga

Private yoga in Wandsworth

Our one-to-one and small group yoga sessions are at the Yogaful Studio in Wandsworth. Claire Plastow teaches one hour tailored yoga sessions for between one and three students.

The Yogaful Studio is a calm and private space for yoga in Wandsworth and is within easy reach of Clapham Junction Rail Station and numerous bus routes.

Classes a week


What can I expect at a Feeling Yogaful class?

Careful planning goes into all our classes. You’ll warm up and practise postures in depth. You'll also experience breath work and relaxation techniques. We put the emphasis on creating a space where you can work safely and really explore what yoga has to offer.

What do I need for a Feeling Yogaful class?

We provide all the equipment, all you need to do is arrive a few minutes early to settle in. Wear comfortable clothes - nothing tight around your chest or waist and if you need to eat, make sure it's an hour or so before class.

Do I need to be fit and flexible to do yoga?

No need to be super-fit or uber-bendy. Regular yoga practice will get you fitter, more flexible and increase your sense of well-being. Many well respected health professionals and governing bodies, including the NHS, recognise the benefits of regular yoga practise.

We take your well-being seriously. If you're unsure about whether a Feeling Yogaful class is right for you, get in touch. We may recommend that you check with your GP.

Can I start classes right now?

The “Try Me” class-pass is a great place to start. “Try Me” means you can drop in for a taster at an open class any time. The “Newly Yogaful” class is the place to be if you’d like to explore foundation postures and best practise.

How is yoga different from other kinds of fitness?

Yoga aims for a fit body and a fit mind. By practising postures (asana) and guided breath (pranayama) you’ll bring mind and body into alignment and feel both physically and mentally refreshed. The benefits of yoga go well beyond the mat. Over time you’ll find the skills you develop in class are great tools for life.

Is yoga a religion?

Yoga is a philosophy and has it’s roots in ancient India and the belief systems of Hinduism and Buddhism. Physical practice (asana) is one of a series of yogic disciplines for mind and body.

Find more about hatha yoga on our About page.


“Claire is a professional and caring teacher who creates a warm ambience in her classes. She understands her students’ individual needs and her classes are always interesting and enjoyable.”

CW, Kew


“Claire is a great teacher, her private lessons were tailored to a new mum with an injury. Every week I felt energised and challenged and I really looked forward to my next lesson. I would definitely recommend Claire.”

JF, Wandsworth


“I tried the Tuesday evening class. The studio was ample and well designed, equipped and clean. Being a top professional Yogaful Claire did a lot of research on my condition and adapted some ananas to help me fully participate in the class. Great, empathetic customer service. Well done and I will definitely return to this practice in future. Namaste.”

RD, Clapham

Try Yoga in Wandsworth

Try Yoga Classes

We run three hatha yoga classes in Battersea each week; Newly Yogaful, Progressively Yogaful and Term-Time Yogaful.

Try any class for £10 with the TryYogaful Class-Pass.

Try One to One and Small Group Yoga

We run private one-to-one and small group yoga sessions at the Feeling Yogaful Studio in Wandsworth. Sessions are for between one and three students.

Try a private yoga session for £30 with the Try One-To-One Class-Pass.

Our Blog

Our blog is full or articles about yoga and how to do yoga at home. Perfect for when you can’t make a class. Right now there are home practice sequences and snippets of yoga philosophy. We’re constantly updating it so keep popping back!

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Yoga Wandsworth with Feeling Yogaful

Hatha yoga can help you get healthy and feel great.

Come and try us, you’ll be feeling yogaful! 

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Our classes are in the top floor studio at Fresh Ground London, 68 Battersea Rise, London, SW11 1EQ.

One-to-One and Small Group Sessions are at the Yogaful Studio, 32 Elsynge Road, London, SW18 2HN.

68 Battersea Rise, Battersea, Wandsworth, London, SW11 1EQ

Feeling Yogaful at Fresh Ground London

32, Elsynge Road, London, SW18 2HN, UK

Feeling Yogaful at Fresh Ground London