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About Feeling Yogaful

About us, our teacher and hatha yoga...

About Our Teacher

Our Teacher Claire Plastow trained in London with the Yoga Training Centre. She completed a two year, 500 hour diploma in teaching hatha yoga and qualified in 2016. She has practiced yoga for 18 years, regularly attends related workshops and courses, is a qualified Metaphysical Practitioner and is accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY). Claire was born in London and lives in Wandsworth.


In Claire’s Own Words

“Hello, I’d like to tell you a little about myself and my approach to teaching yoga. I discovered yoga in my late 20s and over the years I’ve tried lots of different kinds of yoga. I still like trying a variety of classes but classic hatha yoga is where my heart is.

Like a lot of people when they first try yoga, I was most interested in the physical side of things; I thought yoga might help me to recover from illness. And it did. Unexpectedly though, I got so much more than physical fitness. The asana were brilliantly strengthening, I got fit and that felt great. The unexpected bit was the philosophy side of things. It was enlightening and that was interesting. It may be a millennia old philosophy but I believe the depth of wisdom it contains has real value today and in everyday life.

When I decided to train as a yoga teacher I chose the most comprehensive and in-depth course I could find. I wanted to be a really good yoga teacher. The best I could be and to understand as much as I could so that I could teach yoga with real authenticity. 

And that’s what I aim to do with my students. I put postures, techniques and snippets of philosophy and mythology in my lessons that I hope will be enjoyable and relevant to you. I’d love you to leave class feeling strong, stretched, toned and with a clear head. In other words Feeling Yogaful!”

Claire Plastow, BWY Dip.

About Feeling Yogaful

Feeling Yogaful was established in 2015 by yoga teacher Claire Plastow. After 15 years or so of yoga in her life she wanted others to know just how good yoga could make them feel. That’s what inspired our name!

Our Aim

Our aim is for you to feel great when you leave one of our classes. Or, as we like to put it, to be Feeling Yogaful! We think the best way to do that is with great teaching and a really nice, well equipped studio in a great location. (And to offer you chocolate at the end of each class – yes we do that!)

Online Yoga Resource

Because you might only be with us for an hour or two each week we’re also building an online yoga resource. We hope you’ll find useful on your yoga journey. Our blog will fill with yoga sequences and yoga information. Our community page is about others in our network that are either yoga or local community focused.

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About Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga evolved around 500 years ago from Raja yoga. Whilst Raja yoga focus is training the mind, Hatha yoga initially focuses on strengthening and cleansing the body. Hatha yoga’s theory is that the mind will calm and settle as the body becomes more balanced. Hatha yoga is well known for its asana (postures) and pranayama (breath control). Most physical yoga practised today, including Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Bikram Yoga, is evolved from the classic discipline of Hatha yoga.


There is no barrier to practising yoga right here and right now. You step on to your mat just as you are and the benefits of yoga begin right away. If you enjoy yoga you’ll soon realise that it’s much more than complicated bending and stretching. It’s a way of life and a journey that will keep you interested and sustained along the way. We find it enriching both on and off the mat!


Yoga With Us

We currently run three classes a week at Fresh Ground in Battersea and private yoga sessions in your space within the Wandsworth and Battersea areas.

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