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Beginners’ Course in Hatha Yoga in Battersea

Beginners’ Course in Hatha Yoga – six one-hour sessions, £75.00

The Studio, Fresh Ground, 68 Battersea Rise, SW11 1EQ

Next course: 5 February – 12 March.  Book here.

Contact Teacher: Claire Plastow

About Our Beginners’ Course in Hatha Yoga

Allow us to introduce you to hatha yoga, a way to enhance your health and well-being. In a small group and during six one hour sessions on our Beginners’ Course in Hatha Yoga in Battersea you’ll explore foundation yoga poses, yogic breathing, relaxation and a little yoga philosophy. Learn to exercise your whole body with awareness, how to breathe for vitality, to rest deeply and take the opportunity to consider some key hatha yoga principles.

You’ll start each session with a warm-up, then explore Hatha yogas signature sun salute sequence and the empowering warrior poses. You’ll learn deep belly breathing, how to breathe effectively in poses and finish each session with a short relaxation. Your physical yoga will be complemented with a sprinkling of yoga philosophy that sheds light on what makes yoga so special and relevant today.

What You’ll Gain From Our Beginners’ Course in Hatha Yoga

Learn to exercise your body and mind in a way that stimulates greater health and intense feelings of well-being. Build a firm foundation in yoga and develop good alignment, balance and posture. Exercise safely and with awareness to avoid strain and pain. Nourish your body, become more flexible, stronger, toned, and energetic. Discover how breathing exercises invigorate and cleanse your system, reducing fatigue and the effects of stress and anxiety. Rest deeply in relaxation, feel refreshed and clear-headed. And overall, develop confidence in your ability and in yoga, this beginners’ course in hatha yoga gives you on-and-off the yoga-mat skills.

Is This Beginners’ Course For You?

This beginners’ course in hatha yoga is designed for those early on in their yoga journey. The yoga-first-timers, yoga-curious, the inflexible, the overworked, sports people needing to stretch, to mention a few. You may not yet exercise regularly or may have tried yoga but not found your niche. Perhaps you are fit and know that yoga complements sport and high impact exercise. Or perhaps you are super-busy and seeking to de-stress. Whatever your motivation, hatha yoga is worth exploring if you are aiming at a healthier lifestyle and greater well-being.

No particular fitness or flexibility levels are required, you start just as you are. No need to buy equipment or special clothing, we provide the mats and props and you wear something comfy that’s easy to move in. You just need to commit an hour of your time on Tuesday evenings.

Why This Beginners’ Course in Hatha Yoga?

You’ll get plenty of teacher time in our small classes and build the confidence to take your yoga to the next level. Our studio is fresh, private, fully equipped and easy to get to. Above all, yoga is interesting and challenging, great for your health and fun!

Our Beginners’ Course in Hatha Yoga is £75.00 and will begins 5 February 2019.