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How To Practice Navasana

Home Practice tip


Great for improving your posture
Use as prep for head stand

Navasana / Boat Pose – practise of this static posture develops physical strength, and importantly, concentration. Mind and body work together to achieve balance in this physically and mentally challenging pose.

Take care of your lower back. Practice Stage 1 to reduce strain.

Stage 1 – Key points

  • ground sitting bones, lift out of pelvis, shoulders back and down, draw in core muscles
  • balance on sitting bones
  • energise with inhale, contract with exhale

Stage 2 – Key points

  • steady on sit bones
  • draw thighs towards core
  • lengthen backs of legs and straighten

Stage 3 – Key points

  • open chest and extend arms
  • inhale finds lightness, exhale draws energy to core

Stage 1

Stage 3

Stage 2

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Claire Plastow

Claire Plastow teaches hatha yoga in Wandsworth and South London. She holds a 500 hour, British Wheel of Yoga Diploma in teaching yoga. She has practised yoga for twenty years and taught for four.

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