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A Meditation for anxiety & stress

A free 15-minute meditation for anxiety and stress – release tension and feel more able to go with the flow

I’ve called this one Go With The Flow because it encourages us to loose up and feel more prepared for the unexpected.

I recorded this meditation to help myself through the Corona Virus pandemic and all the anxiety that’s come with it. One of the things I like about this meditation is that I feel more stable, centred and ready to go with the flow when I use it. I hope it works for you too.

How to use our audios

My audios are about 15 minutes long. You can listen directly from this page or via Soundcloud. Don’t expect highly polished recordings, they are from the heart and have a “homemade” feel to them.

Find a quiet spot and make yourself comfortable. Allow yourself 20-30 minutes. Have what you need to be warm and comfortable and use an eye pillow if you have one to hand. Once you’re comfortable press play and allow me to guide you through the process. There’s not much of a run-off at the end of the recording so have the off-button within reach if you like to rest a little at the end.

Important – no multi-tasking with nidras, it’s not uncommon to fall asleep!

Yoga Nidra; a time when you can stop doing and start being.


A Yoga Nidra for Harmony & peace

This guided audio encourages you to settle down for a deep relaxation and enjoy the qualities of harmony and peace. I recorded this one to celebrate International Day of Yoga (IDY). The IDY is all about promoting the benefits of yoga worldwide – in that spirit I’m sharing this yoga nidra freely.



Achieve tremendous feelings of well-being with yoga nidra.


A Yoga Nidra for Positivity & Contentment

This deep relaxation begins by encouraging your body to rest. It then declutters and regulates your mind before directing it towards feelings of well-being via an imaginary walk to the beach. The final section instils a positive mindset and feelings of contentment and peacefulness.


About Yoga Nidra

If, like me, you think savasana is one of the best bits of a yoga class then you are going to love yoga nidra.

Nidra – the fifth activity of the mind; “dreamless sleep”.

Also known as yogic sleep yoga nidra is a yoga technique that helps to access the state of mind known in the classic yoga texts as nidra. In this trance-like, deep relaxation state, our minds and bodies rest deeply, negative thought patterns can be replaced with fresh, more helpful ones and ideas can be contemplated. In a nutshell it’s a really effective and enjoyable way to improve your physical, mental and spiritual health and your overall well-being.

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Claire Plastow

Claire Plastow teaches hatha yoga in Wandsworth and South London. She holds a 500 hour, British Wheel of Yoga Diploma in teaching yoga. She has practised yoga for twenty years and taught for four.

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